Install the package through PyPi:

easy_install Coffin

Or alternatively, get the source:

git clone git://
cd coffin
python install

Once installed, you will need to add Coffin to several places throughout your projects.

First, open up and add Coffin to your INSTALLED_APPS:


The easiest way to enable Jinja2, rather than Django, is to change your import paths. For example, if we’re using the render_to_response shortcut, we simply need to tweak our import line:

from django.shortcuts import render_to_response

To the following:

from coffin.shortcuts import render_to_response

Coffin includes drop in replacements for the following Django modules:

  • django.shortcuts
  • django.views.generic.simple
  • django.contrib.auth
  • django.contrib.markup
  • django.contrib.syndication
  • django.template